Hair Loss


Experiencing hair loss?

You are not alone. In fact it’s amazingly common. Current stats suggest that by the time a women is 40 years old, 60 % of us have experienced hair loss and by the time men are 50 years old, 85% of them have experienced hair loss.

Firstly, it can be really helpful to understand what is causing your hair loss. Is it environmental? ( excessive harsh hair colouring, not washing your hair frequently enough, stress),medical? ( PCOS, cancer treatment, post partum hair loss, endometriosis, vitamin deficiency ( iron, Vitamin B, vitamin D, zinc), or hereditary?


  • Get your vitamin levels tested.
  • Act Now! Act sooner rather than later.
And you can always come in and talk to us about it.

Environmental Causes

This is a case of assessing what damage is being done by environmental causes and addressing them.

For example if say it has been caused by on scalp bleaching, that may well have been a process issue such as too high a developer or overlapping situation more than hair loss.

So for someone in that scenario , deciding if being that blonde is really necessary for you to be happy with your hair, using re-bonding products such as Olaplex no.3 and Olaplex no.0 for re-bonding the hair back together, moisture replenishing treatment from Alterna for softening the hair, Icon Welder from EVO for protecting the hair against heat styling, and even Clinical Densifying Shampoo from ALTERNA for encouraging and speeding up hair growth.

Also scalp health is incredibly important to the health and strength of your hair, so shampooing your hair a minimum of 3 times a week will keep your hair nice and clean and free from debris to give the hair the best possible chance to grow strong healthy hair.

Medical Causes

For medical causes the first stop is your doctor to have some blood tests done and check your vitamin levels to see if you have a deficiency.

Vitamin deficiencies can cause excessive hair fall quickly. In this case we would recommend ( in conjunction with your doctors recommendation) treatments such as the NIOXIN range which is scientifically proven to assist with hair re-growth and protecting the hair that you currently have.

The key thing with NIOXIN as with most products is consistency and frequency. NIOXIN shampoo and conditioner is to be used daily for best results.

In particular the hair BOOSTER (and my favourite product of the range) which is for areas of concern, is best applied once in the morning and once at night until desired results are achieved and then reducing to once a day. This product is very easy to use and you don’t have to necessarily washed your hair before or afterwards either so you can use anytime. The important thing is to get it on there!

Hereditary Causes

In the case of hereditary hairloss, that’s where our hair loss replacement systems come in.

At BLACK we have a comprehensive collection of 13 custom made hair loss solution types. A detailed description of each one can be found in our service menu.

Hereditary hair loss is often progressive and so the solutions that you are offered need to be as well, restoring as much confidence and freedom as possible.

At BLACK we have have private consultation rooms where you can talk through all your hairloss concerns and the options available to you. We can also assist you with your application for funding with the Ministry of Health as well.

Being someone who experienced hair loss myself, our products and systems were born out of a desire to give people an approachable comfortable place to come try on, ask questions, experiment and get a plan to help you with your situation and where you’re at.