Recommended hair care regime for Curly Hair

Different every day depending on how much humidity is in the air.

I know a lot of curly hair girls like to not wash their hair a lot, but our hot tip is to be washing it at least twice a week.

The reason being that going too long between washes means that you’re not providing the things the hair needs often enough and it can cause dryness.

Shampoo x 2

When you do shampoo, shampoo twice. The first time collects up the dirt, oil, debris, environmental dust etc, and the second time cleanses the hair.

We love Davines Love Curl Shampoo. The moisturising formula cleanses the hair, makes it soft and light enhancing its volume, shine and without compromising texture.

But what about moisture?

Curly hair needs moisture for the fluffiness and over all “bigness” of the hair, but curly hair also needs protein to add strength and structure to the hair. This will make your curls look more like curls and less like fluff.

We love Ritual Salvation from EVO as it has 50% moisture, and 50% protein in it. The best of both worlds!

Need something more?

evo Mane Attention Treatment is the shock tactic that’ll cure your ills, the psychiatrist for split ends, the Swedish for lasting body, the reincarnator to bring the dead and broken back from the grave.

A proteins reconstruct or to repair and strengthen, encourages healthy, shiny hair, prevents hair breakage and fading of colour.

Any Styling Product Tips?

Our hot tip for styling your curls is to start with a care product (care next to the hair) then add a styling product over top for that control and softness.

If you like definition then our top tip is to use a cream styling product. It will give malleable hold and definition (no crunch).

If you have fine, curly hair then our top tip is to use spray products (including conditioner) as the fact they are sprays means that the product is lighter in nature and won’t weigh your hair down but will give you everything you need.

If you’re wanting to try out our “wash more often” hot tip but are concerned about your hair drying out, then use a ‘co-wash’.

evo Liquid Rollers is a product that still cleanses the hair but also adds moisture at the same time.