Hair Replacement Systems


“Getting the new hair system has been a fantastic experience. You, (Janine), have completely changed my confidence for the better. Having hair again and people’s compliments on how great it looks is overwhelming! Thank you so much!”


“I’ve battled with losing my hair since I was in my mid twenties. I’ve had my confidence drop over the time as my hairline decreased. Since getting this amazing hair  system, it has changed my life in so many amazing ways. I have nothing but positive comments from my friends and family and even have had strangers telling me that I have amazing hair. If you didn’t know me before this, you’d never know it wasn’t real. Trust me in saying it will change your life for the better too. 




The Hair Replacement Systems offer clients with partial or significant hair loss, to have a full head of hair that can be applied and removed as desired – most clients experiencing a removal and reapplication ever 1-4 weeks.

It is adhered to the head using tape or glue which is completely natural, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic. This allows for quick and easy, pain – free removal and application.  The hair can be styled, washed and blow-dried as normal. The hair itself, being 100% human hair, is super durable when it comes to lifestyle! The hair can be taken swimming, to the gym, etc. You can experience a full head of hair – with absolutely no compromise!


INITIAL CONSULTATION – 45 minutes – $50.00 (Online Options Available)

What can you expect? 

In the initial consultation, over 45 minutes we discuss with you the overall factors to determine whether you are suffering from partial or significant hair loss. The main goal is to learn about you and the lifestyle you have to ensure we are providing you with the correct hair system suitable for you. Also discussed will be the maintenance of your hair piece including how often you need to visit the salon, what you can do at home to elongate the life of the hair piece and how to wash/style your piece with care.

There is a 4 month hair life span across all three types of hair application (Bonded, Tape, Hybrid), when used with the complimentary take home care pack we provide you with.

Bring your questions too! We are here with you in this experience. 

FULL HAIR SYSTEMS – 2.5 hours – $1295

Post consultation appointment – you will be ready for the fitting of your new hair piece. Whether we have chosen for you the Bonded, Tape or Hybrid application for your new hair, we cut, colour, fit and style the hair to ensure a perfect match. 

PARTIAL HAIR SYSTEMS – 1 hour – $395

Partial Hair Replacement covers the recession aspect of hairloss. Clients who are suffering from receding hairlines will choose this option. As with any hair replacement, your new hair will be cut, coloured, fitted and styled to ensure a perfect match.

The cost of these appointment also includes a follow up appointment 7 days post initial application appointment.


Refit for Full Hair Replacement Systems – appointments done in salon (Every 2-4 weeks) – 1 hour 45 minutes – $150

Refit lesson for at home maintenance – 1 hour 30 minutes – $150

Refit for Partial Hair Replacement Systems – appointment done in salon (Every 2-4 weeks) – 1 hour – $70