Caring for your Flat Weft Extensions

Our Flat Weft Extensions are the newest member to our Black family.

But what makes them different to our other extensions?

150g of hair is spread over three pieces for a full head of hair extensions.

There is a skin-like resin band that’s continuing in a constant line, in which the hair is attached to. This allows the weft to lay completely flat against the head, with no beads visible.

This also means that they do not itch your head and are flat to touch, and style.

How do I care for them?

With proper care the hair will last a minimum of 6 months but most of our clients get about 12 months if looked after properly.

Application and removal is so quick and easy (only 45-60 mins depending on your hair) which includes cutting and styling of your new hair and less than 5 mins to remove if you are wanting to take a break or remove them for a period of time.

Recommended re-application time is at 6 weeks, which works in well with most colour services.

Hair can be toned or coloured darker, however, we don’t recommend lightening your extensions.

Style your hair as normal ensuring you’re using heat protection.