Hello to the world of never ending options!

Our beloved fashion colour brand continues to provide the ultimate fantasy!

Evo fab pro gives you the power to perfectly match and maintain any hair colour, in-between salon visits with a customised colour maintenance conditioner.

Customised Colour Maintenance conditioners allow the direct dyes we use in salon to be put directly into a conditioner that perfectly matches your hair to maintain any permanent, demi and semi permanent colour in-between salon visits.

Fab pro direct dyes can be mixed together to create an unlimited array of semi – permanent colours with natural tone and shine to: colour, refresh, colour fill and colour tone pastels. Chocoates, Coppers, Blues, Violets, Pinks, Blondes, Yellow, Red Greens; Customise your life around your hair! The options are limitless.

Product spotlight: Evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Toning Shampoo and Colour Boosting Treatme

This is a strong purple toning duo that gently cleanses and moisturises while neutralising unwanted brassy, yellow tones in your blonde hair.

Hey there, going nowhere blonde. Whats new in your life? Nothing? It’s been a while since you visited old mate Pierre at the salon and now your hair colour resembles a bundle of hay? Maybe, Just maybe, it’s time for Fabuloso! This purple shampoo is by far the best on the market! It is super hydrating and brightening without leaving those hideous purple stains that some purple shampoos can leave.

Product benefits:

  • This shampoo brightens and extends the life of your colour treated blonde and lightened hair.
  • It contains nourishing ingredients to soften and strengthen hair for improved manageability.
  • This product is Sulphate free it protects against your beautiful blonde from fading into the point of no return.

Product spotlight: Therapist Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

These are designed to moisturise, strengthen and soften while greatly improving the hairs shine and manageability. 

No more hiding your frizzy hair and no more inner shame, you’re now a racehorse that’s bolted from the stables, gleaming with pride, run with it, feel the freedom, run with it…neighhhhhhhh. The Therapist Shampoo and Conditioner is a moisturising conditioner designed to repair, hydrate and smooth hair; greatly improving manageability. It helps to strengthen hair, prevent fading of colour and reduce frizz, whilst still adding moisture and shine.

Product Benefits:

  • It its super hydrating. Designed for even the driest of hair, this product is a life saviour and will bring your hair back to life instantly.
  • It helps to seal the cuticle to prevent moisture loss and provides the hair with humidity prevention.
  • It adds softness and shine, reduces frizz and helps to detangle and improve manageability.

Evo - Saving ordinary humans from themselves

EVO has a wide range of product suited to each individual hair type. Whether its curly, dry, damaged, coloured, fine, frizzy, oily, normal or thick, there is literally something for everyone!

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Also designed to be vegan / cruelty free / made without sulfates, parabens or gluten.