About Us

“Excellence Through Presence. World domination one client at a time”

– founder of BLACK, Janine Gräter

Our Specialities

BLACK produces a diverse range of high quality services and products through excellence and presence. Our goal is to deliver for the client through high performance and effort to achieve their hair dreams and bespoke outcomes.

While we are known for our amazing hair transformations, we are also one of the very few salons that provide services for clients wanting ultimate length and volume through our wide range of extensions.

Or for those who are the opposite end of the spectrum where they are experiencing hair loss.

No situation is unsolvable, and we are here to provide you with real solutions so you can feel comfortable and confident inside and out.

Our Team of experts

Each and everyone of the BLACK team are highly educated and trained.

We understand and acknowledge the change and progression in the industry, so we are constantly learning, attending workshops and attending in salon training to achieve our clients needs and wants with impressive and new ‘on trend’ transformations.

Our strong team consists of, Janine, April, Toni, Paige, Mackenzie and Brittany and we are looking forward to having you in our chair.