4 best products for Blonde Hair

Ahhhh the journey to blonde

It’s one of those paths that we all go down at some stage and it’s a worthy path to follow, but it requires commitment.

A test strand is a fantastic way to see what your hair will take process-wise, what colour you are likely to end up after the first session, and how many sessions it will take to get to your desired ‘blondeness’.

But where do you start?

Blonde hair needs TLC and it starts with your shampoo and conditioner.

NIOXIN is traditionally a hair loss product but works incredibly well on blonde hair because of its anti-breakage properties AND you can put the conditioner on your roots ensuring moisture and care for your hair and scalp right from the root.

What about conditioner?

Next you need a regular treatment. Moisture is your friend here and you can’t go past ALTERNA Moisture Masque.

It’s nothing short of divine without weight.

And of course you definitely need our beloved OLAPLEX no.3 in your life.


  • OLAPLEX n0.3 is to be used once a week for maintenance, but 2-3 times a week for significant change.
  • Remember to make sure your hair is damp/wet before you apply.

And what about styling?

And lastly you MUST, MUST, MUST use heat protection every time you put heat near your hair.

Heat styling without protection is the number one thing besides lightening, that damages your hair.

TIP: use heat protection that does more than one job for you, such as ALTERNA Bond Repair Heat Protection Spray which reduces breakage by up to 98% as well as protecting from heat.